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Everyone seems to be a job search guru/coach

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“10 Words Never to Put on Your Resume.” 

“10 Words that Will Convince the Employer to Call You.”

“10 Things You Should Never Do on Linkedin if you are a Jobseeker.”

“5 Ways to Improve Your Linkedin Profile.”

Job search is a business, with thousands of gurus toying with your attention span (7 seconds in social media, by the way).  It’s a one-size-fits-all approach.  Everyone has a magic bullet, the key to success.  And they are counting on the fact that you don’t consider yourself an expert at job search so you’re always willing to drink the latest Kool-aid, buy their DVD, attend their webinar.  After all, if you were an expert job-seeker, you would be employed by now, right?

So ask yourself, whenever you read a new job search article, “what makes them an expert?”  Same goes for all the new “career coaches” who also happen to be friends, in-laws and relatives.  It amazes me how someone will consider resume feedback from their daughter, the accountant, who has never hired anyone, as sage advice.   

Your career and job search are unique to you.  There are no magic bullets.    Don’t trust your career to an amateur.  Find someone with a proven track record of providing wise counsel that results in a successful transition.  Always consider your source.


Written by Laura Parrino Byxbe

September 6, 2011 at 9:13 pm

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